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The Cerrato Mom Podcast Available Now

First episode is live everyone! It is currently available on anchor and Spotify. It should be available on Apple podcasts soon. Please go and take a listen as I share my story of how I went from experiencing post partum depression with my third child to taking the leap to blogging! More episodes in the

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Self Worth: One Mom’s Personal Journey To Overcoming The Lie

How much are you worth?  Are you measured by your looks?  Your money? Your job? Your political affiliation? I have spent a great portion of my life feeling like I was never good enough.  I was not pretty enough. I was not smart enough. I was not bold enough. I was not making enough money. 

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Self Care Tips For Moms

Self care is something I am really passionate about. The reason I am so passionate about it is because I used to completely neglect my wants and needs thinking I had to be a martyr to be a good mom. This is so untrue! Self care simply means making sure your basic needs are met

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