Ocean Song

The sea air blows,

but nobody knows,

what she whispers in my ear.

Does she speak to you too?

Great, vast, swell of life she is.

Her waves like arms reaching upon the shore,

always reaching,

beckoning you to come closer and join in her sway.

She will take you away.

Careful…she will swallow you whole and may not let you go.

Come closer she sings, on the sweet gentle breeze.

The sea salt air will intoxicate you,

the lull of the waves will captivate you,

and one too many steps may find you

resting in her eternal embrace.

Set Free

10 years ago I was a fly caught in a web,

A prison of my own doing.

I used to blame others. I used to believe I was doing what was right. I used to believe I didn’t have a choice.

But the realization has steadily dawned on me, that all these traps, all these set backs, the stifling weight of fear and helplessness, was in my control all along.

I hold the power of my autonomy. I don’t need permission. I don’t need approval. I don’t need someone to take care of me.

I am enough.

I am set free.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This poem is for my husband. I love you babe.

January was when I committed my life to you, but August was when I gave you my heart.

A month upon meeting you was enough time to know you were the man I could see cradling my child.

Such a flurry of laughs, love, and creating a son. Marriage, graduation, uprooting our lives to a new beginning by the sea.

Over and over. I would choose this life with you over and over again.

Never have I known a love like this. You take me as I am, and I you. You are my love story and I will read you long after the pages are yellow with time.

A Line In The Sand

Once upon a time there was an ordinary girl. Or it least she felt like one. She had a mom, a dad, and two brothers. She always had a home, loving grandparents, wonderful Christmas and birthday memories, friends and a fun childhood.

One day everything changed. The ‘dad’ made a choice to become the predator, the one he should have been protecting the little girl from.

She was no longer ordinary. Her home was a pile of rubble. Siblings separated, mother isolated, memories eradicated, innocence lost. And from this moment she questions what is a father?

Years pass and she is passed on from person to person, place to place. One father to the ‘real’ father only to question again what is a father?

Her backbone thickens every day. Her heart stays soft and open despite those who keep cracking it apart. She determines she will do better.

She meets someone who makes her feel seen for the first time. She clings to this relationship hoping it will fill the void but confuses dysfunction with love. In the end she is left to question what is a man who loves?

Time passes slowly when a heart is hurting. In the midst of pain comes a ray of promise. A man that asks and does not demand, a man that seeks to protect and not to control, a man that gives and does not take. This is love.

The girl, now a woman, has drawn a line in the sand. It protects the hearts of her children. They will never question what is a father? They will never question what is love? They are loved and know love, a happy home, and an ordinary life.


Stone gaze, sharp sight,

Blue eyes zero in,

Peeling back layer by layer

Of your mask.

If you took the time,

To pluck feather by feather,

The red sheen blinding your eyes like


You would find a vulnerable soft mass,

Of skin and burned bones.

What Is It Like To Have A Dad?

I’ve always wondered what it’s like

To have a father tuck you in at night

Safe and sound,

He doesn’t ask

For things only a man in your bed

At 4 am after too much rum and coke

Would take from you.

A father to share hopes and dreams with,

To ask advice about boys and college,

To walk you down the aisle and give you away,

Because as a newborn you belonged to him.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like,

To have a father love you before a man could claim you as his own.

A father who loved you as a child, who taught you and worried about you as you fell in love.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like

To say ‘daddy’ and feel the truth of that word.

For him to say, “You will always be my little girl”.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like,

To feel the weight of the world fade as I rest in the safety of my father’s arms.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like, to have a dad.