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Miscarriage: An Unspoken Wound

Chances are you have experienced this cruel trick of pregnancy. Chances are you know someone who has. Chances are someone close to you has experienced one and not even opened up about their pain. Statistically between 10-20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, most of those being in the first trimester. The despair you feel

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Why Your Mental Health Matters

I have struggled with depression since I was eleven years old. It is not something I felt comfortable admitting to anyone. As a teenager when I would have a depressive episode I would stay up all hours of the night pouring my heart into this huge purple diary. There were times I was in so

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Young, Dumb, and Naive: Thoughts On Marriage

When I was sixteen years old I got engaged. It was my first relationship and I dove headfirst into it with every confidence in the world that we would last and do what was right because we were Christians, and therefore we couldn’t possibly fail. It wasn’t that we were better than anyone else, but

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