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Underwood Family Farms Somis

Underwood Farms is another fun place to take your kids, especially if you still haven’t made that October trip to the pumpkin patch. There are two locations: one in Somis and one in Moorpark. Both locations are fun to visit, but different in what they offer. The farm in Moorpark is much bigger and the

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For Moms In The Trenches

I see you there.  You’re in the grocery store desperately trying to push a shopping cart while also wrestling with a screaming toddler.  I see the tired haze in your eyes. I feel your anxiety. I see you at the park when your child won’t share or he’s throwing sand at other kids.  For all

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Breastfeeding Basics

While Breastfeeding can be a pretty charged topic, I’m not here to debate how you should be feeding your child, but I would love to offer some tips and tricks to the mom who wants to attempt breastfeeding. Whether this is your first baby or your second, whether you’ve experienced a positive experience with breastfeeding

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