About Me

Hi! I’m Geneva!

I am a mom to three young kids. I am committed to raising my children to be kind, empathetic, independent, and confident individuals.

I am an aspiring writer and poet.  Time to time you may see some of my poetry on this site.

I am a California girl, but I don’t particularly enjoy the sun.  I love to be in nature – trees, lakes, and travel – or trips to the park and beach with my kids are a must.

I love coffee, my Pomeranian Simba, Disney days, and date nights with my husband.  I am an avid True Crime fan – in an alternate universe I would be a criminal psychologist.

Please stick around and check out some blog posts.  Feel free to like, share, and reach out.  I am all about growing in the blogging community, creating new friendships and collaborations.  If that sounds promising, I am here and ready to make magic happen.

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