Creating Content: Tips For Bloggers

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*This blog post is an excerpt from my blogging e-book, which is a work in progress*

The quality of your content will speak for itself.  It is what will draw readers to your site and keep them coming back for more.  All the other important elements that go into blogging will not matter if your content is lacking.

Here are a few tips to creating content:

  1. Blog consistently: This means setting a schedule to when your readers can expect new content from you.  Will you write a blog post every day? Will you post on Tuesdays and Thursdays? If your readers know when to expect your content it can increase views and engagement.
  2. Write down new ideas when they come to you: I find it helpful to have a list (on my phone and my computer) of blogging topics and ideas that I can come back to when I am feeling stumped.  Often times I find one I forgot about and feel inspired to write.
  3. Read other blogs in your niche:  It can be helpful to see what everyone else is writing about.  Ideas are not always original, but you can take an idea from elsewhere and put your own creative spin on it.
  4. Create a spin off of a previous blog post: There are times when you will write on a subject and realize it is way too lofty for one blog post.  If you can go back and expand on something you previously wrote about then you have new material for a blog post.
  5. Use a calendar:  What time of year is it?  Are there any events or holidays happening that relate to your niche?
  6. Focus on your headline and intro:  Your headline should entice the reader to read more.  This can mean you are offering basic information that they want to read (5 Ways To Combat Fatigue) or you can use humor or language to make your headline a little more edgy (Why Am I So Damn Tired All The Time?).  Knowing your audience can help you decide how to craft your headlines.
  7. Make it easy to read:  Nothing makes readers click the back button like an endless stream of paragraphs lumped together.  Keep your paragraphs short and concise. Spacing makes your post more appealing and easy to read. Use bullet points or numbered points to break up bigger ideas.
  8. Use pictures:  A well placed, visually appealing photo can easily enhance your blog content.
  9. Repurpose an existing blog post:  If you are really strapped for ideas sometimes taking an old blog post and linking it to a different social media platform, or even posting it again on your blog can bring in some new viewers.  Most of your blog followers have not read every single post you write. Your posts can get bogged down in the sea of material on your website. If you have a personal favorite you think deserves a second chance, then post it.

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