The Cerrato Mom Podcast Available Now


First episode is live everyone!

It is currently available on anchor and Spotify. It should be available on Apple podcasts soon.

Please go and take a listen as I share my story of how I went from experiencing post partum depression with my third child to taking the leap to blogging!

More episodes in the future on parenting, mental health, and blogging with special guests!

I am so exited to share this with you! Please go listen and share!

Listen at: podcast

Side note: the noise heard in the background is my daughter snoring lol

14 comments on “The Cerrato Mom Podcast Available Now”

      1. Well, I left that before I finished listening. All in all, I think you did a great job! The sleeping sounds were a little distracting at the end there, but these rest was really good. It was really heartfelt. For your first one, I say you did a really good job.

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      1. Absolutely. I mean, I don’t have kids so on that level I cannot relate, but it’s informative anyway…and I am an enquiring / inquisitive mind on all subjects including motherhood and birth. I do relate to anxiety, etc. It’s educational.

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  1. This is unrelated to your podcast, I just found some information and I didn’t know how to share it with you.

    Youtube link to a family talking about how they own a home on Disney World property. Apparently there’s a whole neighbourhood of mansions at Disneyworld where people live, full time, year round. Could you imagine?

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