Resources To Stay Organized And Tackle 2020

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2019 has come and gone and it’s time to focus on 2020. The end of the decade and the start to a new one brimming with possibility. I consider myself to be a planner. I love to set goals. Planning ahead helps me to stay organized and makes reaching my goals more attainable. From business, to daily life, here are a few resources that will help you to stay on track, plan, and execute your goals for 2020.

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase I may make a commission at no extra cost to you the reader*

Calendar:  I don’t know about you, but I really thrive on a having a visual representation of my month.  I have a large calendar that hangs above my desk so that anytime I need to refer to it for my blog posting schedule, appointments, kid’s activities, or upcoming events, it’s easily visible.  I know some people prefer using their phone calendar, and if that works for you great, but I am a little more old fashioned in that sense. This is the calendar I personally use.

Planner:  Perhaps you prefer a planner you can take with you on the go.  Stick it in your purse and this makes jotting down ideas and plans possible as soon as they come to you.  Once again, if you prefer to write things down yourself and have a visual representation, then a planner is right for you.

Meal Planner:  This is for you busy moms that like to plan your shopping list and meals for the week ahead of time.  Just stick it on your fridge and plan accordingly. If I don’t plan out our meals for the week ahead of time I personally struggle with eating out.  Planning your meals ahead of time can help achieve a more healthy lifestyle, if that is one of your goals for 2020. I personally like this menu planner.

Gratitude Journal: Going into the new year with the right attitude can make all the difference in your life and meeting the personal goals you set. This beautiful journal helps you stay focused on what you are thankful for.

I hope everyone goes into the new year feeling positive, confident, and looking forward to what’s to come. Remember to set goals that are realistic and sometimes it helps to start small. With time, dedication, and hard work – you can do anything you set your mind to.

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