Month: January 2020

How Do We Normalize Breastfeeding?

Chances are you’ve seen the memes of an innocent mom feeding her baby (with not much exposed) and next to her a woman wearing a bikini (with definitely more skin exposed) shaming you if the one of the mother feeding her baby offends you but the other does not. Quite frankly, I don’t think either

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The Cerrato Mom Podcast Available Now

First episode is live everyone! It is currently available on anchor and Spotify. It should be available on Apple podcasts soon. Please go and take a listen as I share my story of how I went from experiencing post partum depression with my third child to taking the leap to blogging! More episodes in the

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The Cerrato Mom Podcast Available Tomorrow

Hi everyone! I officially finished recording my first episode for my podcast and it drops tomorrow morning! I’ve been working on this the last few weeks and am still working out the kinks so bear with me! I am excited about trying something new and hope I am able to offer more insight and support

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