An Update From Idaho


We arrived in Idaho a few days ago. We traveled up here from southern California to visit our family in their new home. This is my first time to Idaho, but not my first experience with cold and snow as I lived a few years in North Dakota.

It is really fun to travel with the kids and to experience new places, different weather, and a different pace of life. I want my kids to learn to be resilient and how to be out of their comfort zone. I grew up in different cities, attended many different schools, and needed to learn to adapt over and over again. I think it’s a great skill to have and traveling can help them learn to be flexible.

I have loved seeing the snow, the mountains, and beautiful trees of Idaho. There is definitely something refreshing about being away from California and seeing more nature. I hope as my kids grow older they will love and look forward to these trips as much as I do.

warm snugly socks because it is cold here!

I will be scheduling a few older blog posts over the next few days, but make an effort to get in some new ones. I have been focused on just enjoying being here and my family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and although a bit premature, happy new year!

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