Tips For Surviving A Road Trip With Kids

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‘Tis the season to travel. And if you have kids, chances are they are coming along with you. So buckle up and get ready to make the drive with newfound confidence and if all else fails, just bring some earplugs. In all seriousness here are some of the things I have found make being in the car for hours on end more bearable:

  1. Bring all the snacks: If your kids are anything like mine it won’t matter if you just stopped to eat five minutes ago – they are hungry again. Typically I bring crackers, chips, apple sauce pouches, granola bars, beef jerky, and fruit snacks. I don’t usually buy fruit snacks so it’s a special treat when we take a long drive.
  2. Screen Time: Whether you are for or against screen time, now is the time to bust out the iPad or use that nifty DVD feature you have in your van. If the kids are happy and occupied, then you are happy.
  3. Bring Books/Coloring Books: Sometimes my toddler just likes flipping the pages of a board book and it’s a way to keep her occupied for a short time. Try offering crayons and coloring books to your preschool aged kids.
  4. Listen to kid friendly tunes: Play some music you know your kids love and sing along with them. It’s bound to put them in a better mood. We love to listen to Disney movie soundtracks, Pink Fong (baby shark), and music from their favorite shows.
  5. Play “I Spy”: So this game might be hard to play if you are stuck on endless freeway with only a few trees and other cars in sight, but kids love repetition and will enjoy the fact that you are playing a game with them.
  6. Bring a small backpack with a few toys, a water bottle, and a blanket for them: My kids love having their own backpack of things. It makes them feel more secure and it’s much easier when they want something if they can get it themselves.
  7. Take A Break: Sometimes all you can do – especially when taking a long trip – is take a much needed break so everyone can stretch their legs. Stop to eat or stop at a store and let the kids run around for a bit.

Wherever you may be traveling I wish you a smooth and safe journey!

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