Self Care Tips For Moms

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Self care is something I am really passionate about. The reason I am so passionate about it is because I used to completely neglect my wants and needs thinking I had to be a martyr to be a good mom. This is so untrue!

Self care simply means making sure your basic needs are met – like you eat and shower – and trust me it sounds easy, but when you are a mom these things can hit the back burner. We are so busy taking care of our kids and running a household that we often put our own wants and needs by the wayside. I am here to encourage you to make time for yourself (and if you have a supportive partner this should be no problem) and to take care of yourself.

Self care can also mean doing those extra things that make you feel fulfilled and happy. Here are some ideas of what self care can look like:

-Taking a relaxing bath

-Meeting a friend for coffee or dinner

-Reading a book

-Working out (yoga, crossfit, running, etc)

-Eating healthy meals

-Furthering your education

-practicing a hobby (playing an instrument, crochet, writing, etc)

-Clearly asking for what you want and need

That last point is SO important. Clearly state and ask for what you want. Your partner (and anyone else for that matter) is not a mind reader. Ask for help with the things you need help with. Ask for time if that’s what you need. Ask to get away for a few hours by yourself. You deserve your own time to thrive as a human being and your partner should 100% support you in that.

And I understand that doing these things can sound impossible to some moms. It is especially hard when you have a newborn or a child that is wholly dependent on you, but I promise with time and effort you can slowly make time for you again.

Making time for you is not selfish. It is necessary. And I promise, it will make you a better mom.

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