To Start A Podcast Or Not

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I have recently been flirting with idea of starting a podcast. I love writing and engaging with you all on here, but I feel starting a podcast would possibly open the doors to a wider audience and showcase a little more of my personality and allow you all to get to know me more. And of course there are some topics that would be much easier to cover and talk about on a podcast.

I love the idea of not only talking about struggles moms face, but showcasing women from all walks of life (whether they are a mom or not) and focusing on the different issues women face. This podcast would focus on women and I already have a few people lined up that have expressed interest and agreed to be a guest on the “hypothetical” podcast.

I have spent the last week researching and trying to learn everything I can about how to start a podcast and how to do so without initially spending money. So I would love to know if any of you have a podcast and could give me some tips? What editing software do you use? Is it acceptable to record on my iphone (I’ve been practicing and it sounds OK) and to do guest interviews over Skype (recording the call over Skype)?

*If* I follow through with this podcast my goal is to have the first few episodes up by the middle of January that way the next few weeks can be spent focusing on my family and enjoying the holidays.

What do you guys think? Any tips and info would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. Thanks mom 😅 It would be very amateurish since I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I do think it would be a good conversation starter for different struggles real people face. You could listen on iTunes if you ever get an iPhone 😉


  1. Well, I thought about doing a podcast quite a long time ago. But I didn’t go to a podcast company. Here’s what I did, a little experimenting with a video space and turned that into talking only. Though it’s not an official podcast, the basics are the same. You hear the voice but you are not looking at a video. The screen just shows one single screenshot. In this case, there’s the shot of the words, “JUST THANKSGIVING”.
    If you want to see a beginner’s experiment with a somewhat somekind of a podcast, it’s at this link. The good part about this kind of podcast is that you can put it on other sites that take only videos, even though it’s not really a video.

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