What New Bloggers Need To Know

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I have been blogging now for 9 months. I have learned so much in these 9 months I often feel eager to share with new writers. The amount of information can be overwhelming and hard to sift through. There are a few elements to the blogging world that I feel are the foundation to maintaining a working blog and your sanity. If you are new to the blogging world and not sure where to start, I feel this information will be vital to you.

Create Content Consistently

This is advice I have heard repeated dozens of times. The thing is, it’s so true. Creating consistent content – whether that be once a day, or three times a week – is really important to establishing yourself as a blogger and to keep your readers engaged.

It is so easy, especially in the beginning, to fall into the habit of blogging sporadically and then going silent for a week or two. There will be times where you find it difficult to write, but training yourself to habitually sit down and make the effort is really important to your growth as a writer. This is something I still struggle with as a mom with limited time, but I find it true that when I produce content consistently I get more views, engagement, and growth from my blog.

Establish Trust With Your Readers

Please do not worry about the amount of followers you have. Of course it’s exciting to get new people reading your blog. But the number of people ‘following’ you does not matter in the grand scheme if they hit the follow button and then never come back to read or comment on anything you post.

The followers that you should value are the ones that keep coming back time and time again. The ones that comment on all your posts and engage with you. Appreciate these people. They obviously care about what you have to say and trust you. I am grateful for the handful of readers I have that consistently come back and engage with me.

Growth Takes Time

Blogging takes work. Earning reader’s trust takes time. Producing content takes time. Growing your blog – whether as a hobby or for profit – will take hard work, networking, and some experimentation. Don’t be afraid to play around with content or ideas to find what sparks your readers interest and what you are passionate about. It is definitely a learning curve to find your niche, your passion, and what works for your blog.

For example, my blog started off as an outlet for my personal thoughts and feelings and poetry. Over time I gravitated more toward the parenting niche as I am a mom of three and it felt natural at the time. As I wrote I realized, (as I felt with the parenting niche I wanted to keep my posts more formal) that writing had become more of a chore and felt stagnant. When this happens don’t be afraid to change it up and gravitate back to what feels more natural to write about.

I hope as a beginning blogger you find these tips helpful on your journey. For those of you that are more established bloggers, what tips or advice do you think are especially important for a beginning blogger?

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4 comments on “What New Bloggers Need To Know”

  1. All wonderful advice for beginners, G. I like that you mention that it takes time. For the first month my blog existed, I think five people might have visited it in an entire month. When you’re in the beginning stages it’s so important to not rush things, to just spend your time building the foundation for your blog.

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