Friendly Reminder: Give Yourself Grace

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Are you your own worst critic? I know I definitely am.

Being a mom is full of moments where I beat myself up over the way I handled a situation, or something I said in frustration. It’s full of moments where I look back on something from years ago and wish I could have done it differently.

There are times I look at my son – now six and in school every day – and I wish I could go back to the time when he was a toddler and it was just he and I for a short (very short) while. When I look at him now I wonder – did I spend enough time with him? Does he know how much I love him? The mom guilt is real.

Feeling pangs of guilt or questioning your parenting isn’t inherently bad. I think it can be a good thing. If you are feeling these emotions I think you are very normal. And the fact that you want to be a good parents says it all. If you didn’t care – you wouldn’t question.

In these moments – give yourself grace. As much as you give grace to others, so you should give it back to yourself. Do you see the good in others? Do you believe others have good intentions? Show yourself the same courtesy. Remind yourself (whether you are a mom or just a woman trying to do her best) that you are deserving of grace and allowed to make mistakes. Remind yourself that you care. Remind yourself that every day is a learning opportunity and if we were all perfect this life would be pretty pointless.

Life is about lessons. Life is about love. Life is about giving grace.

Keep learning. Love yourself and others. Give yourself grace.

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6 comments on “Friendly Reminder: Give Yourself Grace”

  1. I love this, G<3
    Something I think is both true for parents, and for people like me. I may not have kids but I definitely resonate with your message here. Sometimes we get so focused on being critical towards ourselves that we miss the good.

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  2. It’s something I cannot do at the moment is give myself grace, peace, recognition for positives. I focus on the negative, I panic that I’m somehow being a bad influence on my son and bringing him up badly. What kind of role model am I when I broke down in front of him the other day because I was completely overwhelmed with my feelings and everything else that was going on? You easily forget the smiles, laughs, the positive moments. It’s so hard.


    1. It’s okay to show your son your feelings and that you get overwhelmed too. It doesn’t make you a bad role model, it shows him that you are human. He will learn from you how to control and regulate his emotions though, so that’s something you can also teach him when you are struggling.
      Think on what is good and true. You love your son and you want the best for him. That makes you a good parent.


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