Family Fun Activity: Build Your Own Pizza

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I love finding new activities to do with my kids, and believe it or not this was the first time we ever made our own pizzas. This activity is super simple, quick, and easy to do. I grabbed my ingredients from Target. The kids enjoy making their own personal pizzas with whatever toppings they prefer and enjoy eating their creation that much more.

Step One: Set up your pizza making station. We just sat at the table and I laid out a baking sheet for the kids to put their pizza crust on. This way they were both able to do their pizzas easily and if they made a mess it just went on the pan for easy cleanup.

Step Two: Layer on your pizza sauce. This was probably the messiest part of the whole activity.

Step Three: Sprinkle on your cheese. We used mozzarella.

Step Four: If you like pepperoni add it to your pizza.

Step Five: Put the pizzas in the oven and then enjoy!

This is an activity that anyone can do and it only takes about twenty minutes from making the pizzas to being able to enjoy them. It gives your kids the chance to be creative and have a part in making their own dinner. Feel free to add more ingredients to make your perfect pizza! My kids are strictly cheese and pepperoni.

Have you ever made your own pizzas? Is this an activity you will try with your kids? Let me know in the comments below.

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