Disney’s Classic Lion King and Aladdin Games Released Today


Anyone remember the classic Lion King and Aladdin games from when we were kids? Exciting news…released today you can relive your childhood with these timeless games on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or on the PC.

I remember playing these games with my childhood friends all the time and trying so hard to beat each level as the difficulty increased. It seemed impossible, but now the new release will include a ‘rewind’ feature so that you can try again.

*This post contains an Amazon affiliate link and if you click on the link and make a purchase I may be compensated at no extra cost to you the reader*

It comes with:

Lion King SNES

Lion King Genesis

Lion King Gameboy

Aladdin Genesis

Aladdin Gameboy

Aladdin Final Cut (new)

Aladdin Trade Show Demo (added bonus)

I am grabbing my copy now and cannot wait to play with my son! Grab your copy on Amazon by clicking the link below:

Disney Classic’s Lion King and Aladdin Game

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