Underwood Family Farms Somis

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Underwood Farms is another fun place to take your kids, especially if you still haven’t made that October trip to the pumpkin patch. There are two locations: one in Somis and one in Moorpark. Both locations are fun to visit, but different in what they offer.

The farm in Moorpark is much bigger and the better option if you want to make an entire day of fun playing, feeding animals or taking a hayride. This location offers a much bigger play area for kids. They also offer pony rides and have a larger animal center. They put on animal shows on the weekend and they also offer a ‘pick your own’ experience where you can collect whatever fruit or vegetable is in season. Because this location offers so much more there is an admission cost to get in.

The farm in Somis is much smaller and better if you want to spend a shorter amount of time. They also have a fun little area for kids to play, complete with sand and a wooden truck for the kids to climb on. There are alpacas, goats, sheep, and chickens at the Somis location. Both locations offer markets to buy fresh produce and to buy food to feed the animals. The Somis location also offers a ‘pick your own’ experience.

The pictures above are of the Somis location. I prefer this location for a quick trip to stop and let the kids feed the animals and play for a bit. This location is also free to visit. The farm market is a cute little place where you can buy fresh produce. It’s definitely a fun place to stop and check out if you are in the area.

If you are interested in visiting either of these locations check out http://www.underwoodfamilyfarms.com for more info on what they offer, admission costs, and more.

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