Beach Thoughts


I watch you as your little feet creep steadily toward the waves.  I watch you because I know I have to step in and grab you soon, before the waves do.  You know no fear. You are headstrong and confident. You would keep walking right into the ocean if I let you. 

This is a strength I see in you, but also a reminder to me that there will be many times to come in your life where I will be on the sidelines letting you exert your independence, but ready to jump in if necessary.

I love that you are unafraid.  I love that you trust me enough to help you when you need it.  I love to watch you explore your environment. I hope you always see things with such newness and excitement.  I hope you don’t become jaded and bored with the world. I hope when others tell you ‘you can’t’ that you don’t believe them.

I want you to look at the world around you with wide eyes and see opportunity.  I want you to carry this confidence into adulthood with you so that one day you can dive into the ocean of endless possibilities – and I can watch you thrive from the shore.

7 comments on “Beach Thoughts”

  1. This is so beautiful. You’re such a strong and wonderful mom ❤
    I wish I could introduce you to my mom friends. Your willingness to share might help them be more willing to share.

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