5 Things To Remind Yourself When You are Having a Tough Parenting Day

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We all have those days as parents where we feel like we have been through the wringer and we question everything we know about ourselves, our kids, and our parenting skills. On days like these it’s important to take a deep breath and know these 5 things:

  1. You are not a bad parent: Our kids know how to test us and push boundaries and buttons on the daily. Whatever you are struggling with right now is most likely normal and developmentally appropriate for your child. You love your child and have their best interests at heart. You are human and may make mistakes. Forgive yourself. Do the best you can for your child.
  2. You are not alone: Chances are other parents are going through something similar. We all struggle with parenting choices, discipline, feeling isolated at times – it can feel like you are the only one in the world – but trust me – others can relate.
  3. It’s OK to take time out for yourself: Sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated we need a break from the demands of our children. You need time to yourself. Go for a solo walk. Go to the store alone. Maybe you need to enjoy a meal in peace? Whatever rest and recharging your battery looks like for you – do it – your kids will appreciate having a mom who is not overwhelmed. Self care is not selfish. It is necessary.
  4. Your kids don’t hate you: I know it can feel like they do when they are pushing boundaries, not listening, and flat out defying you – but your kids love you. Remember they are children, their behavior is normal and not to spite you. To them you are their whole world.
  5. This too shall pass: Whatever the struggle of the day, the week, the month is – I promise you it will pass. A day will come where it gets easier and there will be new challenges to face. Kids grow up. They mature. And so will you.

If you found these tips encouraging or helpful please feel free to share and comment below!

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11 comments on “5 Things To Remind Yourself When You are Having a Tough Parenting Day”

  1. It’s so hard to remember these sometimes, but, at the end of the day, it really helps to remember them.

    For some reason, also telling my kids I’m not having a good day or I’m tired or frustrated helps. I can see in my 5 year old’s eyes that he kind of gets it. He actually tries to be more helpful with his sister and will be better about entertaining himself, or he’ll just be silly and get me to smile. I’ve read and heard so much that parents need to be able to keep it together and show our kids we’re strong. I think that’s ridiculous and only sets up our kids for failure when they’re parents. By letting them know I’m having a bad or tough day, I show them it’s okay to not be okay. Slowly, my oldest is getting it and he somehow always makes my bad days better. I just hope they’ll appreciate the honesty one day.

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  2. Yes! It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily struggles of parenting. Sometimes it feels like it’s just one thing after another and it’s easy to feel defeated. Taking time at the end of the day or beginning of the next day, to just be alone, do some yoga or some other form of self care and really focus on yourself is so so important.

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  3. This was a good read because this was me today. If I wasn’t pregnant I would’ve needed a glass (or two) of wine down. Seriously I forget about self care sometimes. Yes my kiddies wouldn’t like it if mommy is overwhelmed because they feel it. They do like to test mommy’s patience though lol. Over all I agree with plantsandfitness, the good days do outweigh the bad!

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    1. I have many days where I could use a glass of wine 😉

      Self care can mean so many different things for different people. Maybe going for a walk alone, taking a bath, going grocery shopping alone…sometimes that’s all I need to feel less stressed.

      I hope tomorrow is a better day for us both!

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