Our Favorite Toys


These are the toys that have stood the test of time between my six year old, four year old, and now one year old. These are the toys we first purchased for my son when he was a baby and that he will still play with to this day.

If you wonder what is worth buying and what is not, this is the list for you, and the proof is the time tested approval of my children.

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This is the bag we purchased years ago. There are other varieties available online.

All of the kids love playing and building with these blocks. Bonus is that I do not have to worry about the baby putting these in her mouth either because they are nicely sized. They are honestly not much of a hassle to clean up either.


Camden playing with his Lego Duplo a few years ago

These are similar to the Mega Bloks in the fact that you can build with them and they are nicely sized for the baby to play with too. I think these are more fun though as the kids buy specific sets (for example, there are Disney sets, police station and fire fighter sets, animal zoos, planes, submarines, etc). All of the sets we have collected over the years go in the universal Lego bin, but this is the one toy the kids play with every day.


Cam and Emma playing with their train set a few years ago. They still love it.

My kids love their wooden toy train sets. We have accumulated a few sets over the years so they love to play together and expand their tracks. It helps get them creative and figuring out how to make their tracks connect.


Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

Lastly, all of my kids love the sensory play kinetic sand provides. They play with it in a tub either on the table or outside. My baby is finally at the stage where she doesn’t put everything in her mouth so kinetic sand has been a fun activity for her to participate in.

We hope you will check out these toys and enjoy them as much as we do! What are your kids favorite toys to play with? Share in the comments.

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