Building Positive Character Traits In Children

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Raising kids is no easy feat. I often struggle with parenting, but what I do know is the kind of kids I want to raise. I have listed below four really important character traits – confidence, empathy, integrity, and independence – and tips on how to encourage them in our children.

Ways To Instill Confidence:

  • Let them try things on their own
  • Encourage them with positive words and phrases
  • Tell them when they do a good job
  • Encourage them to keep trying
  • Compliment their character
  • Encourage them to stand up for themselves

Ways To Instill Empathy:

  • Be kind
  • Listen to them when they are upset or sad
  • Show understanding of their feelings and validate them
  • Say I’m sorry when you should
  • Show compassion for them and others
  • Teach them patience and tolerance

Ways To Instill Integrity:

  • Be honest with them and teach them to tell the truth
  • Treat them the way you would like to be treated
  • Show them right from wrong
  • Teach them about responsibility
  • Teach them self control

Ways To Instill Independence:

  • Allow them to try and fail
  • Teach consequences
  • Encourage resourcefulness
  • Teach them discipline

1 comments on “Building Positive Character Traits In Children”

  1. I always thought that the most important thing in parenting is knowing what you want to achieve. Thinking about what kind of a person you want your child to be when they grow up, helps with all these everyday decisions you make. Helps not to argue over things which are not really important 🙂

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