Thoughts On Identity and Politics

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Why is our identity so rooted in politics?

This is something I often ponder and often times it ends up leaving me feeling frustrated.

I grew up with a conservative background. I went to church occasionally. I was taught ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. When I entered high school my identity seemed to be rooted more firmly in politics as I made the decision to attend church religiously (pun intended) and thought I had everything figured out.

I thought immigrants were a plague on the U.S. I thought being gay was the worst sin you could commit and felt appalled by gay marriage. I thought men were unable to control their sexual impulses and therefore needed to be protected from risque images. I thought Obama was the anti-Christ. You get the idea…

Part of my beliefs were formed from my family. Part of my beliefs were formed from the church.

Fast forward some years later and with some maturity and life experience I realized all of these beliefs that I held onto…weren’t really my own. It took me time to accept that I did not have to believe everything my family did. It took me time to accept that immigrants are people just like you and I, not something to be feared. It took me time to accept that I have no issue with gay people or gay marriage.

So my husband would probably just call me a liberal at this point. Maybe I am? Does it matter? Does it change who I am ultimately? Does it change how much I love my family and children? Does it change how I treat people?

I think it shouldn’t matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat. I think we put WAY too much stock into politics and how it relates to our identity. I think the point (and Jesus would agree with me here too) is that we are to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

We may not agree on everything. But if you are a Republican, Democrat, immigrant, whether you are gay or straight, whether you practice religion or not, I am open and willing to being friends and will treat you with as much respect as anyone else.

I wish it didn’t matter as much as it seems too. And I hope after reading this all my friends and family still love and accept me. But if they don’t – then they can go kick rocks.

14 comments on “Thoughts On Identity and Politics”

  1. This is really good food for thought, especially for parents. If we were so easily influenced by our upbringing, we need to be mindful of the messages we are giving to our kids as it’ll shape their adulthood and their choices.

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  2. Yes! I just post about Society’s expectation and I believe it goes the same. We have to care less what our family or society says and just love others. If we are to be a light for Jesus and be Christian (Christ Like) then we must be like Christ! ❤️

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  3. Every one is equal. Every person comes from a different walk of life, and sees things from another point of view. I wish people would learn more about the importance of listening. I don’t want anyone to tell me how to love or live my life “the right way”. I wish people would judge less. It doesn’t matter if someone is black or white, gay or straight, male or female. It’s doesn’t matter where a person was born. Everyone wants to be loved and understood just the way they are!

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  4. I think there is a difference between being accepting of other people’s views and living together in one household with a person of different political views. I am fortunate that we do not have political disagreements, because I can’t imagine how I would tolerate it!

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    1. This is interesting to me because my husband is definitely more conservative I think than I am, but does also strike me as tolerant and kind. He has never belittled my beliefs or said anything hateful about any minority group. So while our viewpoints on some things differ, he’s pretty easy to get along with. Thank goodness 😅


  5. I was brought up in a Republican family and preferred Nixon over Kennedy. Nonetheless, I was saddened — devastated to an extent — by Kennedy’s assassination. Most of the Republicans I knew at that point were also devastated. Over time however, there have been too many dishonest and even despicable Republicans. I don’t see any remnant of GOP ideas I resonated with like personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, and guardianship of our natural resources. It’s become a personality cult, and a dangerous one at that. I think some Republicans support Trump: “He may be a monster, but at least he’s *our* monster.” That’s absurd. He demonstrates zero loyalty to others though he insists on it toward him.

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