Let’s Get To Know Each Other!

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Hey readers and friends!

I just recently met my goal of getting 100 followers on my blog. Whether you are newly stopping by, or have been following since I began blogging six months ago, I’d like to say thank you for taking time out of your day to spend here.

Instead of sharing more about me, I would love to learn more about YOU. If you wouldn’t mind in the comments answering a few questions that would be great.

  1. If you have children what is the number one parenting issue you struggle with or would like to learn more about?
  2. While this site is geared toward parents, all are welcome here, if you are not a parent and enjoy reading, what is a post/subject you discovered on this blog that really spoke to you?
  3. Would you care to connect on social media? My instagram is @cerrato.mom but feel free to leave yours in the comments.
  4. Lastly, please share your name and just for fun, tell me a fun fact about yourself, something you enjoy, etc. Also if you have a blog or a blog you really enjoy please share a link in the comments!

Thanks everyone! I hope you are all having a good week so far.


10 comments on “Let’s Get To Know Each Other!”

  1. 1. I don’t have children, I just think you’re a cool mom and nice person, that’s why I follow.

    2. I like reading posts you make about things to do with kiddos. I do have five nieces and three nephews and I’m always up for new activities to do with them when I am babysitting!

    3. I already stalk your instagram.

    4. I like to eat raw onions.

    I don’t know if you know everyone’s names who follow you, but if you don’t, you should ask them to share their names as well!

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    1. Haha thanks for commenting V.
      Raw onions…😳😅, I prefer cooked ones. That is a fun fact though.
      More activities to do with kids, you got it!
      Thanks for stalking me 😂
      Yes people, share your names! And anything else you’d like. Just SHARE please.


  2. My name is Michael and I love to draw and write and wanna learn as much as I can to apply to my art. 😊😊
    I don’t have children but I do like reading about other’s experiences and learning more on their lifestyles. I added you on Instagram btw!

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  3. I’m Deneille , mom of 2 super awesome energetic boys… I recently started blogging and I’m really just excited about connecting with moms, sharing and hearing different stories as momlife requires constant learning and adapting to different situations… You can find me @novel_mom on insta… pleasure to meet you 🤗

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  4. I am Hettie from Chicago suburbs, and as you already know I have three grown-up children and one grandchild. I love that fact that you are very calm and reasonable, and very accepting of other people’s opinion, It is also very interesting for me to see how people parent these days and compare with what I used to do.

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      1. The biggest difference is not about when to give a solid food or when to start potty training, but the incredible respect which parents demonstrate towards children/ When I hear my daughter asking her daughter whether she wants help getting down from the coach, I know right away what’s the biggest difference!

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