Wisdom From Brene Brown

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Without vulnerability, there is no creativity.”

These words were gifted to me yesterday by Brene Brown. Until yesterday, I had no idea who she was, but when perusing Netflix, I found a special on courage featuring her and decided to watch.

The timing of me discovering this message was honestly perfect because I happened to be having a rough morning. My anxiety was at a high and I felt bombarded with some emotions I’ve been choosing not to deal with lately.

Her statement, “Without vulnerability there is no creativity,” really stuck with me. I’ve been pondering how this relates to blogging or any writing in general and I find that my best writing comes when I allow myself to be vulnerable.

I’ve touched on what I believe it means to be vulnerable in a previous post if you would like to check it out here.

She also talked about joy and how often we do not experience it because our mind goes to the this is too good to be true or everything is going well so something bad must be coming route. I could fully relate to this way of thinking. And with this method of thinking we cannot fully lean into joy.

I want to experience joy fully in my life. I want to enjoy the little moments without wondering what could go wrong next or thinking I don’t deserve to feel happy.

Brown’s advice is to practice gratitude. She states that those who practice gratitude are able to more fully experience joy in their lives. I am going to put this into practice the next time I am feeling anxious or having unwanted thoughts I will focus on what I am grateful for and enjoy the moment.

I hope this wisdom is helpful to someone else. We all deserve to live life with joy and without fear of what’s to come.

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