End Of August Check In

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So I realize we are already into September, but I did write a goals post for the month of August, so I feel that it is mandatory to write a follow up.

As far as blogging goes, August I really came to the place where I am taking my blog seriously. I want to write more often, help others with parenting advice and info, and continue to reach out to other bloggers and network. I feel that August I really cemented what I want and started the process of working toward that vision. According to WordPress I have 99 followers (including email) so I am just ONE short of my goal.

In my personal life I am still struggling with eating healthier. I did cook at home more often this month, and when I did, I really made the effort to make sure I was incorporating healthy foods, but there is still room for improvement.

I am really proud of my parenting this past month. I feel like I made more of an effort to be patient with my daughter and that I handled her mood swings and the day to day drama much better.

So with September comes new goals to meet, but instead of writing another post I will just say those goals include to grow my blog, write consistently, keep parenting with intention and keeping my frustrations in check, and to continue with my goal to treat my body better.

This month my son is back in school full time, the fall season begins, and I am back into a routine with my girls. We have a Disney World trip at the end of the month and then the onslaught of holidays begins.

How was everyone’s August? What are you looking forward to in September?

9 comments on “End Of August Check In”

    1. It honestly is easier once he is back in school (not that he is a hard kid) but it forces the whole family to wake up early and then I have my two girls and we can get back into a routine. I do miss him, but he is only gone from 8-1 so it’s not too long.

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