Month: September 2019

Building Positive Character Traits In Children

Raising kids is no easy feat. I often struggle with parenting, but what I do know is the kind of kids I want to raise. I have listed below four really important character traits – confidence, empathy, integrity, and independence – and tips on how to encourage them in our children. Ways To Instill Confidence:

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What I’ve Learned In Six Months of Blogging

It is officially the six month mark since I began blogging! This is an exciting milestone for me as I have kept up with writing, met some awesome fellow bloggers, and learned more about myself in the process. I wrote a previous post about what I learned in my first three months of blogging, which

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Young, Dumb, and Naive: Thoughts On Marriage

When I was sixteen years old I got engaged. It was my first relationship and I dove headfirst into it with every confidence in the world that we would last and do what was right because we were Christians, and therefore we couldn’t possibly fail. It wasn’t that we were better than anyone else, but

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