Surviving Disneyland With Young Kids

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It’s A Small World: We love this ride and it’s air conditioned!

This weekend we stayed in Anaheim while my husband went to the D23 convention. I decided – to pass the time – I would take the kids to Disneyland.

It was a short walk from our hotel and I am familiar with Disneyland so I felt pretty comfortable with the idea, however, this was my first trip to Disneyland without my husband. Just me and two kids, so here are my tips for making your day more manageable and enjoyable at Disneyland.


Most people going to Disneyland already have this covered, but just a reminder that there is a ton of walking involved and depending on the time of year you go it can be very hot. Hot, whiney, tired kids are no fun and who wants to be stuck carrying kids around?


Disney will allow you to bring in water bottles and snacks no problem. If you must, you can buy water and food in the parks but it can get expensive fast. It’s great to have snacks and water ready for when you are waiting in line for rides as well.


If you prefer not to change your baby in a bathroom or need a quiet place to nurse the baby care center is a great place to visit. They also sell items like baby food and pacifiers.


There is an overwhelming amount to do at Disneyland, especially if this is your first trip to the happiest place on earth. I suggest doing two to three rides, maybe a character meet and greet and then taking a break.

Today, for example, we went on a few rides in Fantasyland, walked over to Star Wars Land, met the princesses at Fantasy Faire and then we decided to head back to the hotel. My baby needed a nap and my son was tired out from the heat.

These are just my basic tips for getting through a Disney trip. I am happy to report that my first solo trip with kids was a success! If you have any questions or suggestions to add please comment below!

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