Ocean Song


The sea air blows,

but nobody knows,

what she whispers in my ear.

Does she speak to you too?

Great, vast, swell of life she is.

Her waves like arms reaching upon the shore,

always reaching,

beckoning you to come closer and join in her sway.

She will take you away.

Careful…she will swallow you whole and may not let you go.

Come closer she sings, on the sweet gentle breeze.

The sea salt air will intoxicate you,

the lull of the waves will captivate you,

and one too many steps may find you

resting in her eternal embrace.

12 comments on “Ocean Song”

      1. Watch out for me, I can be incredibly charming. I make women bloggers swoon. ☺ Haha, in all seriousness I am going to the beach in a couple weeks on vacation. This post and the one “why everyone needs a day at the beach” from early july came at me just now – it was fate. I also love nature / the beach and i am getting excited for my vacation.

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      2. How exciting for you! Sounds like a lovely vacation. Be sure to take pictures of the beach to share with us.
        Thank you for taking the time to read some of my posts and comment – I always appreciate it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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