Motherhood Truths: Watching The Minutes Go By…


I think it’s time to start a new series/segment if you will where I share the truth about motherhood and what that looks like for me personally. If you can relate please let me know and share your own experiences.

I sit here and it’s 6pm. I am counting down the minutes until I am not the only adult in this house. Counting down the minutes until someone else can shoulder the responsibility of children, or at lease ease mine.

We have made it out of the house once today (yay!), there have been nothing but cartoons on the tv all day, my four year old is being good and entertaining herself finally (thank you God) and my baby is perfecting her walking skills but keeps asking to get on the couch so she can climb UP it (no thank you, we do not need a visit to the hospital).

I’ve already had a beer, and I feel like I am going crazy with boredom. I am mentally/emotionally drained (if you are a mom you know exactly what I’m talking about). I cannot wait for my husband to walk through the door.

It is HARD being at home with kids all day, but there are some days where it hits me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere. I NEED adult interaction. I CRAVE to be out with my friends with NO children present enjoying an adult beverage and some adult conversation.

Today is just one of those days and I need to vent.

I was just recently watching the show Workin Moms on Netflix (watch it if you haven’t) and there is a scene in season 2, episode 2 where Kate (who has recently taken time off work and she LOVES her job) is at home with her baby and watching the clock literally tick down by a minute. It’s only 11:59 am. The clock hits noon and she reaches for a bottle of wine and pours a glass. Her husband comes through the door (I’m assuming for his lunch break) and she chucks the glass in the sink where it shatters. It was good for a laugh, but man I could relate.

The time drags on some days. I want a drink most days. I am tired. Bored. Lonely. It’s a mix of things being with tiny humans all day. If anyone else out there feels this way know that you are not alone, and honestly it’s great to have a show that is realistic about how it can feel.

This isn’t a particularly positive post. But motherhood is not always positive. There are days, there are moments (like right now) where I feel burnt out. I feel overwhelmed at times. Unappreciated.

I just want a moment to myself to breathe. To enjoy some peace and quiet without someone else demanding something from me. These moments are few and far between at this stage of life.

So until my husband walks through the door – now that it is evening and I am exhausted – I will be counting down the minutes…

2 comments on “Motherhood Truths: Watching The Minutes Go By…”

  1. Once 5pm hits, I start to countdown to when my husband gets home, but mostly because I’m desperate for someone to help shoulder parenting duties, and maybe bring home dinner.

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