What I Learned In My 20’s


Today is my birthday. My 30th birthday. It feels like a huge milestone – the ending of an era, yet the beginning of something new.

The best way I can describe it is as a snake shedding its skin. In some ways I feel brand new; some ways I feel the same. Here are the things I learned in my 20’s I would like to take into my 30’s.

1. You will make mistakes. Learn from them. It’s important to remember that your mistakes and choices do not solely define you. And hopefully the same mistakes are not repeated in your 30’s.

2. Your group of friends may vastly change. And that is perfectly normal and fine. The 20’s bring so many changes as you navigate college, relationships, careers, kids, the list goes on…but the upside is that there are so many great people in this world to share a friendship with.

3. High School really didn’t matter. It’s just my opinion, but the evidence of my life has shown that my grades, my friends, my romantic relationships, none of it matters much now in the grand scheme of things.

4. Family is everything. In the midst of all the changes of my 20’s the one constant has been my family. My family is my foundation, both my parents, and my husband and children. Every choice I make now is with them in mind.

5. I still have so much learning and living to do. 30 years really does not feel like a ton of time. I can think back on being a child or a teenager and it seems like the blink of an eye. At 30 I am an adult, but I know I have so much left to learn and accomplish in this life.

On a side note thank you to all those that have wished me a happy birthday today. I am feeling so loved. Thank you to this blogging community and a special shoutout to V over at www.millenniallifecrisis.org for honoring me with a happy birthday post. It means so much to be thought of.

Here’s to the next decade…bring on the 30’s!

17 comments on “What I Learned In My 20’s”

  1. Happy birthday, Geneva. I love being your friend and I’m so grateful to be on this planet at the same time as you ❤️ I love reading your blog and I hope you continue to follow your passion and speak from your heart. I feel connected to you when I read your posts even if we don’t talk or see each other that day. Love you, mama.

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  2. Happy Birthday, my dear. I’m assuming you’re in bed now (as I know you’ve got kiddos to chase after in the morning), but I hope your birthday was amazing and that it ended on a high note. Love and light for your next year ahead ❤ There is infinite possibilities to unfold for you.

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  3. I didn’t know it was your birthday a couple days ago. Happy belated birthday! Without FB and calendar reminders, I’m very bad at remembering birthdays. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🍰🎂🎈🎉

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