The Countdown Begins…

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5 days to 30 and I am feeling good.

I’m not sure what’s changed in the last year, particularly the last few months, but I am finally in a place where I feel really good about myself. I feel like I know me. I like who I am. I’m not so concerned with what others think of me.

For the first time in a long time I do not feel weighed down by anxiety or panic. I feel well mentally. I feel happy. I am enjoying my time with my kids this summer and feel like I have a handle on things.

I don’t find myself dwelling on the past as much. I don’t feel the need to rehash, talk about, or try to analyze it. I feel at peace. I feel like I am at a place where when I do think of the past it does not fill me with bitterness like it used too. I am grateful for what I have experienced and what I have learned from it.

I finally feel like I have a voice. Perhaps that can be credited to this blog, but I feel like I can speak up and that crippling fear of rejection and abandonment is not always present. I don’t have to walk on eggshells around people. I can speak my mind and if someone does not agree it is okay.

I have heard before that your 30’s are the best years of your life. I would love it if this is true. I suppose I will find out. If anyone can attest to this “fact” please enlighten me. Regardless I am happy to be in a place of contentment and I am looking forward to my birthday celebration this weekend.

9 comments on “The Countdown Begins…”

  1. Are you turning 30 on Friday? (Asking because I need to come back on your birthday and ensure I say happy birthday)

    I turned 30 last November. I have to say, being in my 30s feels a lot better than being in my 20s ever did. Even with all the shit that’s gone on this year, I can still say being 30 is better.

    It’s a magical sense of… individuality that comes with being 30. It sounds like you’ve found it just in time for your birthday too. Welcome (almost) to the 30’s club. This is going to be the best decade of your life!

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    1. Thanks V!!
      My birthday is on Saturday, sorry if I didn’t clarify that very well. So five days from today 🙂

      I am really hoping the coming years will be amazing. I am looking forward to spending more time with my kids as they get older, learning more about myself, and just enjoying life.

      Thanks for the reassurance!! 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday, I found you from V’s blog. I am 39 – yes – best decade. Good balance of everything. Confidence, career, things like that. Although i also enjoyed being 23 and taking bong hits all day whilst listening to jefferson airplane and the doors.

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