Why You Need A Day At The Beach


I love being in nature. From the towering Red Woods of Northern California to the sleek palm trees of Southern California, the lakes of the Mid-West to the sandy beaches so close to home – I love it all.

But did you know getting up close and personal with nature has some great health benefits? I live 10 minutes from the beach so it is often my go to for some TLC from Mother Nature.

Here are a few reasons why we could all use a day at the beach:

It Is A Major Mood Booster

Being outdoors will instantly lift your spirits. We could all use a little vitamin D, a calm quiet place to collect our thoughts, and a way to alleviate stress. Taking a walk on the beach while listening to the rhythm of the waves is a great way to boost your mood.

Health Benefits Include…

Besides being a great way to boost your mood and help anxiety, being in nature is said to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and heart rate. It is also great for boosting the immune system and improving sleep.

It’s Great For Gaining Perspective

On a personal note, when I sit on the beach and see endless ocean it makes me feel very small. I realize that I am only one small part of this world and that my problems and worries are very small in comparison to the entirety of the universe. I realize to others that may be terrifying, but to me it is very humbling and reassuring. It helps me maintain a positive mindset and grounds me.

It’s A Great Bonding Experience

When we take our kids to the beach I love how enthralled they are with playing in the sand to search for sand crabs or running as fast as they can from the waves. I love watching them learn about and enjoy nature. I love to watch Jason with the kids as he teaches them something or plays with them. It’s a time filled with fun and love.

So the next time you are feeling in a slump, remember to get up and get outside and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

As John Muir said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”.

4 comments on “Why You Need A Day At The Beach”

  1. I love everything about this post and I completely agree with you. I love it when the world makes me feel obsolete. I love staring out into the abyss and thinking ‘Damn, I take up such a small space in this world’. And I love reading things like this.

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  2. Your daughter is so cute! 😊💕 It’s funny you posted this because I was thinking about the beach today, and how therapeutic can be. We spent Canada Day (July 1st) at the beach and I didn’t even know that this beach existed, and it’s so close to home! I’ll definitely be going back. 🏖☀️

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