Life In Pictures

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Today my daughter had her ballet recital. We have been pumped up and prepared for this day. Rehearsal day went great, she let me do her hair and makeup no problem, and she didn’t complain once about her costume.

Recital day came and it was not exactly as I imagined. She wouldn’t go to sleep last night, even though I reminded her she had a big day coming, and it was after 2am before she finally fell asleep. Any parent knows, dealing with a sleep deprived kid is no fun.

Most of the morning honestly went fine. I helped her get ready and did her hair and makeup with minimal complaining. We made it to the recital location and tried to snap a few cute pictures before she was off to the dressing room. We watched her perform and afterward her dad surprised her with flowers.

Then the whining and complaining revved up. She was tired. She was hungry. She was coming down from the excitement of performing and it was time to go home. All the while I was trying to snap some memorable photos, even if she wasn’t necessarily in the mood.

If you are anything like me you take photos of anything and everything. That’s kind of the day and age we live in now isn’t it? The difference is when we take photos now, say compared to twenty years ago, it isn’t just for us, but for others. We post them on social media. We want a great picture to showcase what a great time we had. We want a great picture to showcase what interesting lives we lead. But these pictures are deceiving and only tell part of our story.

I think taking pictures is great. I think living in the moment is great. We need to have a balance. We need to realize, when we post pictures and admire pictures of our friends on Facebook or Instagram, that it is only a glimpse into their life. We see what others want us to see. Do not be fooled by the illusion that others are leading perfect lives. They’re not. You’re not. And that’s OK.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get a great picture. But remember, what’s truly important is to live in the moment, to experience joy with the ones you love. I’m not striving for perfection in this life, but I’m doing my best to be happy.

When you look at my photos I hope you know I don’t have a perfect life, perfect family, perfect marriage. I am human. I struggle. But I also want you to know that I am happy. My family is happy. And that’s a truth I want to capture in a photo.

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