Should I Have Three Kids?

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My little circus

If you are part of the two kid crowd agonizing over if two is truly enough – then this post is for you.

I once asked this question myself. Most of my friends are two and done, so I was left with google. I read story after story all emphasizing the cold hard truth that having three kids turns you into a crazy person. I also read how rewarding and wonderful it is. It was quite the conundrum for me and my husband as we toed the line between two and three. Obviously the third kid won out and we now are masters of our own three ring circus.

It’s only appropriate we approach this subject with humor, so please have a third kid if you enjoy…


Say goodbye to peace and quiet. Say goodbye to any semblance of normal volume in your house. It is always loud. There is always yelling, fighting, playing, screeching, sounds of little feet running, the fridge opening twenty times a day, the screen door opening and slamming shut twenty times a day. And nap time? Good luck getting your newborn baby to nap with what sounds like a rave happening in your living room…always at nap time.


I don’t mean a little spilled milk, although yes that does happen almost every day. Everything is ALWAYS a mess. There are always toys everywhere, blankets and pillows thrown around, food left on the table, shoes not properly put back, dishes and trash that need to be taken care of every day, and don’t get me started on the amount of LAUNDRY. There are items of clothing in every nook and cranny of this house that need to be folded and put away or washed. It’s literally insane. And yes most days I feel like a maid.


Do you enjoy having a van full of carseats? Obviously if you have children they need to be secure in the car, but do you also enjoy having to buckle three children in and out every time you need to go somewhere? And once you get to your destination…


This is where feeling like a three ring circus comes in. Any and everywhere you go people will stare. You will feel the silent judgement even if your children are behaving that day. When you have three kids people suddenly feel the need? the desire? the ok? to interject their opinion on how many kids should be coming out of your lady bits.


It is very hard, no matter how many kids you have, but especially once you have three, to find time for yourself. This includes basic needs like showering and eating. Kids are huge suckers of time and energy. It’s also going to be hard to find intimate time with your significant other. Our kids seem to have built in sonar. And date night? What’s that?


Not for you. If only they were for you. If you have one kid, maybe even two, you already know about the curse that is snacks. That word alone sends a chill into my heart. If you enjoy being asked for a snack twenty times a day, well then just wait…it can be triple that if you have a third kid. Enjoy the first year of nursing or formula feeding, but know…that snacks are coming.

There you have it. There is much more I could add to this, but this is the bulk of what came to mind if you would like to have a third kid. I didn’t add money or college to the list because that would be downright mean.

What I should also mention…if you are thinking about having a third kid…is how amazing it is to see them together. I love to watch my older two play with their baby sister. The love they have for each other melts my heart on a daily basis. You should also have a third kid if you are ready to watch your heart expand and love another person with everything you have.

Yes everything is louder, messier, a little more complicated, but these things will pass. They will not remain little forever. So ultimately, my advice to you – if you are on the fence and think you will regret it if you don’t have a third – then it’s time to take that leap.

I don’t regret it one bit.

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