Creating My Own Space

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Here is my desk with all the clutter

One of my favorite things to do is clean and organize. At times I can be a bit manic about it, once I start a project it’s hard to stop. Cleaning has multiple benefits for me: it curbs my anxiety as I focus on the task at hand, I love the satisfaction I get from completing a task and making something function better, and I also thrive in a clean environment; clutter makes me feel crazy.

In the pursuit of writing more consistently and comfortably, I decided to create a space of my own. I have a desk, but my desk has long been the catch-all area for everyone when they walk in the front door. It doesn’t matter how many times I have cleaned and organized my desk, it always ends up piled with mail and clothes. So…I decided to move my desk.

At this point I had already folded a great deal of laundry and organized quite a bit

I spent a good portion of the afternoon cleaning, folding all the laundry piled in the crib, moving furniture and organizing. My desk now resides in my bedroom, tidy and a space of my own. I can have a quiet spot to sit and write while my daughter naps in the bed next to me, or at night when everyone in the house is asleep. I am really happy with this arrangement and I hope that it means it will become more of a habit to sit down and write. What it comes down to is it’s really about doing something for myself and making time to meet my needs. I take very good care of my family, but I need to also take care of myself.

My New Writing Space

For my fellow writers – What are some habits you have formed to make sure you write everyday? Do you find it helps to have your own quiet space?

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