What I Love About My Mother

My mom, me, and my youngest daughter

This post is a little late seeing as Mother’s Day has come and gone, but over the last week I have been reflecting on motherhood and what it means to me and my relationship with my own mother. These are the things I love and admire most about her.

Her strength and independence: My mother has always stepped up and done what needed to be done. She has worked hard her entire life, sometimes working two jobs at once. She has been a single mother at times and worked hard to provide for my brothers and I. She has a great work ethic and she is incredibly smart. She also is emotionally strong. Life has not always been kind to her and she handles it with grace.

Her intuition and open mind: Growing up I almost always felt like I could tell my mom anything. This extended into my teenage and adult years. I was always appreciative of the times I could share with my mom and she simply listened and gave me advice without judging me. I know no matter what I can go to her. I also appreciate the times when I was young and didn’t always speak up and she would advocate for me. I remember the times she would be driving me to a friends house (I used to get very home sick) and she could tell I didn’t want to go and she would tell me I didn’t have to go and we could go home instead. There are many moments like this that I remember to this day.

Mom, me, and the kids

Her forgiving heart: My mom has experienced more hurt and heartbreak than she would probably like to admit. She didn’t deserve it. She continues to forgive and love others with everything she has. She has taken her pain and channeled it into being a positive, hardworking, and loving person, woman, mother, and grandma. I am very proud of her and how resilient she is.

Her friendship: Now that I am all grown up and have children of my own I am very grateful for the friendship I have with my mother. We don’t live in the same area and I don’t see her very often, but we text or talk every day. I send her pictures of the kids every day and keep her up to date on how they are doing. If I ever have any good news, the kids say something funny, or I have a parenting question, I always talk to my mom first.

My mom with the kids

Mom, I love you. Thank you for being my mother and for working so hard. I know it couldn’t have been easy raising three kids in your circumstances and I want you to know you are appreciated and loved so much by your one and only daughter. As much as I wanted a sister growing up, I can’t imagine having to share you with another girl. We have experienced some hard times in life, but through it all I know you always wanted the best for me and you did your best. I have wonderful memories of my childhood and teenage years mainly because of you and David. Thank you for being my mom and my friend. I love you.

My mom, Jason, me, and David 2012

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