A Line In The Sand


Once upon a time there was an ordinary girl. Or it least she felt like one. She had a mom, a dad, and two brothers. She always had a home, loving grandparents, wonderful Christmas and birthday memories, friends and a fun childhood.

One day everything changed. The ‘dad’ made a choice to become the predator, the one he should have been protecting the little girl from.

She was no longer ordinary. Her home was a pile of rubble. Siblings separated, mother isolated, memories eradicated, innocence lost. And from this moment she questions what is a father?

Years pass and she is passed on from person to person, place to place. One father to the ‘real’ father only to question again what is a father?

Her backbone thickens every day. Her heart stays soft and open despite those who keep cracking it apart. She determines she will do better.

She meets someone who makes her feel seen for the first time. She clings to this relationship hoping it will fill the void but confuses dysfunction with love. In the end she is left to question what is a man who loves?

Time passes slowly when a heart is hurting. In the midst of pain comes a ray of promise. A man that asks and does not demand, a man that seeks to protect and not to control, a man that gives and does not take. This is love.

The girl, now a woman, has drawn a line in the sand. It protects the hearts of her children. They will never question what is a father? They will never question what is love? They are loved and know love, a happy home, and an ordinary life.

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