5 Reasons To Visit Tangaroa Terrace With Your Kids

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My husband and I love Disneyland Resort. We go most weekends, even for just the day to enjoy a few rides, the ambiance, and the great food it offers. One of our favorite places to take the kids is Tangaroa Terrace. Here are a few reasons why we love it so much.

The Food


Tangaroa Terrace was recently remodeled and the menu was revamped. They offer a great variety of food from a Hawaiian cheeseburger to edamame. They also offer kid friendly options; my kids personally love the chicken nugget platter.  I am a fan of the burger and the gyoza. The sauce is amazing; a perfect mix of tangy and sweet.

The Walk Up Drink Window

One of our favorite changes is the new walk up window for drink orders. This is a perfect place to order a dole whip (also with an alcoholic option), specialty coffee, or a libation previously only offered by entering Trader Sam’s or sitting on a specific side of the outdoor dining area. While you are able to take your kids into Trader Sam’s to order a drink (before the evening), the convenience of being able to order a drink in closer proximity (and with a much shorter wait time) to where you order your food is a welcome change.

The Location

Tangaroa Terrace is located in the middle of the Disneyland Hotel.  It is a great place to stop either upon just getting to the park (a short walk from the parking garage), or at the end of the day when we are preparing to head home.  When arriving you can head over to grab a bite and take a break before going through security (if you walk instead of taking the tram).

We also enjoy the proximity to the Disneyland Hotel. It is a relaxing place where you can take a stroll through the hotel and enjoy the classic ambiance it has to offer.  While enjoying a meal at Tangaroa Terrace you have a nice view of the hotel or guests relaxing at the pool.  The location is also much quieter and slower paced than eating in the park, which can sometimes feel like a chaotic experience, especially with children.

The Ambiance


  Tangaroa Terrace is a fun and beautiful place to hang out. From the tropical setting to the creative and fun menu and drinks you will imagine yourself on an island getaway. The outdoor seating, coupled with the tiki torches and live music at night creates a calm and cool hangout.

Family and Kid Friendly

When we visit Disneyland we are happiest when we are experiencing something that both we and our kids can enjoy. Tangaroa Terrace offers comfort and convenience for everyone. The kids enjoy the food, sights, and sounds just as much as we do. The outdoor setting has more of a casual vibe, a welcome place for  kids, but also encompasses the ambiance of somewhere you could enjoy a late night drink with friends or your significant other.  While most places at Disneyland Resort are fortunately kid friendly, Tangaroa Terrace remains one of our favorite family hang outs.

I hope the next time your family visits Disneyland Resort that you will check out Tangaroa Terrace.  If you do please share your experience here.





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